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Occupying Tucson Buildings: The City Removes a Barrier

Rob Tomlinoson Tucson retail broker

The City of Tucson deserves substantial credit for the way in which they now deal with Certificates of Occupancy (C of O). In the past, challenges obtaining a C of O were significant enough to devalue properties and bankrupt tenants. The current policy places the focus on the building, not on the tenant. Under the new policy, a business owner may now purchase a building and have a reasonable expectation of having that building retain its value into the future. Once approved, the building remains approved unless there is a significant change in use. For example, a sale of a building from one user to another would not require a new C of O unless the new owner  made a significant change in use (i.e. a change from retail to restaurant). 

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Office Space Search: 12 Reasons to Have a Broker Represent You

Time is money Reuters Plaza

Why should a business owner use a broker to represent them in their search and negotiations for office space? While we are focused here on office requirements and handle Tucson commercial real estate, the same principles apply for businesses looking to lease industrial or business park space, medical office, and even retail or shop space in Tucson or beyond.

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