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Our Top Posts and the Gems You May Have Missed

Barbi Reuter Tucson

In the spirit of our esteemed commercial real estate blogger colleagues, we highlight the top posts of the year and a few gems you may have missed.

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Metal Theft: All I Want for Christmas is My Copper Back


It's hard to name a costlier problem for Tucson property owners than copper theft and the destruction of property to obtain copper and other metals for scrap value. A dedicated coalition has come together to find solutions and take action on the issue of metal theft in the region.

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Don’t Panic About the Fiscal Cliff (Guest Post)

Fiscal cliff Congress

You can hardly watch a business newscast or read a business publication these days without a reference to the looming “fiscal cliff” – that precipice at which $1.2 trillion in spending cuts are made while Bush-era tax cuts expire.

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