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Solar Research: Exploring Storage Technologies

Solar research Solon

The Solar Zone, located within Tucson's UATechPark, continues to grow its solar research capabilities. The recent announcement by Solon Corp. and AzRISE Director, Joe Simmons to undergo research into improved methods of energy storage demonstrate innovation with practical applications.

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2 Ways Commercial Property Owners Can Green Up their Buildings

Tucson green building retrofil

The green building movement is alive and well in the commercial real estate industry, and while Tucson has not reached the heights of some of the country’s major markets, progress is underway to improve building sustainability and reduce carbon footprints.  As a business or property owner, it is important to know where you can take advantage of some attractive incentive programs that reduce the payback time for investing in energy efficiency. Two key opportunities include:

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Tucson Office Market Report: 2Q11

Tucson office market statistics

The Tucson office market, like many others around the nation, is inching closer toward recovery. National economic forces continue to impact the speed of Southern Arizona’s return to health, most notably anemic job creation, gas prices, and concerns over the national debt.

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Private Investment in Transit Oriented Development

Tucson modern streetcar

If successful, Tucson's Modern Streetcar presents opportunities for transit oriented development with myriad benefits. Early this year the Federal Transit Administration granted final approval of a $63 million dollar grant to help fund the overall $197 million cost of Tucson’s Modern Streetcar project. As of June 6th, planning is nearly complete and the 3.9 mile line is expected to go into service in 2013. The line will run from the Mission Gardens area west of Interstate 10 and Congress St, through the Central Business District, along Fourth Avenue to University Blvd, through the University of Arizona campus, and on to the University Medical Center. The streetcar line will link residential, commercial, employment, governmental, and educational activity centers in order to mitigate parking needs, improve non-vehicular connectivity, generate private development, and support population and employment growth.

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