Get to Know: Linda Montes-Cota, Property Manager Extraordinaire

It became a standing joke. She was the envy of her peers. When was someone going to dethrone Linda Montes-Cota as the perennial Tenant Relations Award winner at C&W | PICOR? Her name was on the wall year after year. Not to mention all those Manager of the Year awards…and the big kahuna: President’s Award for Excellence in 2015.

Deserving indeed, and a valued, humble, client-focused team player with enormous heart, who has served the Tucson business community as a member of our family since 1999. So now that we’ve launched our “Get to Know” series, here’s your chance to hear from Linda.

What attracted you to commercial property management and what makes you stay?

The clientele and learning opportunities. There are no two similar days in commercial property management

What are some of the ways managers bring value to a property owner?

Being proactive instead of reactive in this business is important.  We anticipate needs, rather than just report deficiencies. Anyone can call vendors out, but our relationships and buying power bring value to our clients.

You graduated from Greater Tucson Leadership last year. How have your outlook and actions changed?

My community awareness grew immensely, and I learned the power of creating social force. I found myself to be more giving of my time and resources to local causes and charities.

What do you find different about C&W | PICOR from other CRE firms?

C&W | PICOR was always my ultimate destination.  I knew this is where I wanted to be before I arrived. C&W | PICOR is well respected in the community.  The team is highly regarded in the industry and I needed to be a part of this organization.

Property management isn’t a career where you get a lot of gratitude – what keeps you going?

I enjoy problem solving and helping people. After 17 years in the business, I still enjoy coming to work every day.

Do you have an unbelievable or funny ‘war story’ to share?

I was doing a lockout in a not so great, industrial part of town. It was dark and I was parked across the street from the building, awaiting the locksmith’s arrival.  From out of no where the tenant walks up behind my car and approaches the driver side window to ask me what am I doing there so late.

What do you think makes Tucson a special place to live, work and play?

We do not have to worry about tornadoes or hurricanes here. Tucson offers great hiking, biking, indoor, outdoor sporting facilities and shopping.

How do you like to vacation? 

I prefer to go to beach destinations. It’s there that I can truly unplug and re-charge.



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