Ten Arizona companies on the verge of something big

Patrick O’Grady
May 2, 2012

Arizona Commerce Authority names finalists for Innovation Challenge

Don Cardon Arizona Commerce Authority
Don Cardon

The Arizona Commerce Authority has whittled a list of more than 300 entries down to 10 finalists for its $1.5 million Innovation Challenge.

ACA officials announced the finalists Wednesday, which featured a mix of technology companies the authority is hoping will become a base for innovation and growth in the state’s economy.

“The ACA received hundreds of applications, and while only a select few are moving on to the finals, I am continually impressed by the level of talent and innovation Arizona’s great minds have to offer,” said Don Cardon, president and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority, in a statement.

The finalists are:

  • Acudora, a Tucson-based company specializing in audio technology for musicians, television and film.
  • Agave Semiconductor, a Phoenix-based manufacturer that specializes in motor and fan control components.
  • Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, a Tucson-based company specializing in treatment of the disease.
  • HJ3 Composite Technologies, a Tucson-based manufacturer that specializes in carbon fiber and other composite materials used in array of products.
  • Kutta Radios, a Phoenix-based developer of communication equipment used in mining.
  • MaxQ Technology, a Tempe-based manufacturer that specializes in temperature management for electronics.
  • PathoGene, a Flagstaff-based medical diagnostics company that works on identifying infectious microbes.
  • Serious Integrated, a Chandler-based based touch-panel development company.
  • SyCara, a Scottsdale-based developer of search engine optimization software and analytic business tools.
  • Wholesalefund, a Scottsdale-based software developer specializing in getting products through distributors.

The finalists will be required to make a pitch to contest judges, and winners will be announced May 15.

The contest developed by the ACA will run twice a year with the goal of getting $3 million into the hands of startups in the state. Winners are required to commercialize their technology within one year of the award.

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