Tucson’s Best Place to Work 2016!

Earlier this month, our team was honored to win the Copper Cactus award for Best Place to Work (companies 31-75 employees). We couldn’t be more thrilled, as this recognition belongs to every member of our company. Our team strives to exceed our clients’ expectations, with a tremendous work ethic in a culture of fun. This is our seventh Copper Cactus Award since the program’s inception, with past awards in Community Service, Business Growth, as well as an Innovation award finalist.

Congratulations to the other BCBS of Arizona Best Place to Work winners, Pinnacle Plan Design (3-30 employees) and Hotel Congress (76-250 employees).

Here are excerpts from the award nomination, straight from our team:

  •  “Very professional, yet relaxed. The office is very open and everyone is very welcoming. It’s like working with a big family.”
  • “There’s a sense of unity, collaboration and family here at PICOR.  Like a “band of brothers”, decisions are made at all levels with the team’s best interest in mind.  Hard work is recognized and rewarded and there’s never a shortage of fun in the office.”
  • “The atmosphere at PICOR is professional but does not have a corporate feel
  • “Friendly Environment, supportive and I have very Helpful Boss.
  • “Positive. Professional.  Encouraging.”
  • “Collaborative and friendly.”
  • “Supportive, collaborative, friendly and fun. Genuine concern and support for each other’s well-being and success.”
  • “The atmosphere that PICOR creates for the employee’s is compassion, safe and a general “I want to go to work” feeling. Why do I feel like that – well because I spend more time here with these people than I do my own family and everyone here is always willing to help each other out. It doesn’t matter what it is, they want to help you.”
  • “It honestly feels like working with family.”
  • “Truly like a family…which is unusual within a business comprised of salespeople who are in many regards otherwise in direct competition with one another.  Other firms I have worked for as a salesperson actually strove to create this competition/internal animosity (ranking of salespeople by earnings each month to call attention to the high earners as well as shame the low earners as an example), but everyone in this firm truly cares about the wellness and success of one another.  It also seems that almost monthly, there is some sort of fun internal activity planned to bring the entire office together as a group.” 
  • “We have the most cooperative and supportive work atmosphere imaginable.  There is great respect between brokerage, management and administrative workers.  We are always looking for ways to have fun during the work week.”
  • The work atmosphere at C&W|PICOR is always full of positive energy where you don’t mind working hard, and giving your best work performances.”
  • “All employees are very friendly to each other and professional and we all know each other well like an extended family.  There are no barriers between positions, meaning you can go speak to the President openly at any time.  Everyone is intertwined in some manner and we all must relate to each other in some capacity.”
  • “Very productive and collaborative, pleasant and caring.”
  • “I consider my PICOR family to be just that, and I regard my coworkers as my very best of friends.  I love to arrive in the morning and exchange greetings but everyone seems to embrace our family just as I do, as among my best friends in the world.”
  • “The work atmosphere here at Cushman and Wakefield | PICOR is cooperative and fun while still staying professional (usually ;)).  You can bet that in any given work-week, there will be something exciting going on with someone at Cushman and Wakefield | PICOR.  As an employee, the feeling that every shareholder has my best interest in mind is absolute.  I know that I am valued by my fellow employees as well as management.  When I do something well, I am praised where in other places, maybe only the mistakes are acknowledged.”

And here is what they say distinguishes our company from other workplaces

  • “The community aspect of the company. Everyone supports each other.”
  • “Aside from the involvement in the community…I’d have to say, the smaller size of our organization allows each employee to feel valuable and appreciated….more than just a number.  Also, the ability to maintain a comfortable work-life balance is very important to me and PICOR fosters that environment.”
  • “They treat you like family, value your contribution(s) and support career advancement.”
  • “The collaborative environment is “one of a kind”.  PICOR succeeds when the individual succeeds, there’s no better business model.”
  • “High degree of mutual trust among employees, allowing brokers to work together to accomplish the best deals for our clients at the fastest possible pace and without delays and complications that less collaborative environments create.”
  • “PICOR does a lot for the community and at my other job we never did anything community driven that is what makes PICOR stand out!!!!”
  • “It’s a very friendly, open and cooperative workplace.”
  • “Aside from the above…which is again an extremely rare work atmosphere for a business who generates the bulk of its revenue via its internal sales force…the employees of this company are truly committed to giving back to the community, whether through donations of money or time.” 
  • “Especially in the brokerage group, we support each other to compete in the market rather than competing with each other, making for a much more positive experience for our clients.  This support is carried through the other divisions as well.”
  • “From my perspective, what distinguishes C&W | PICOR from other places I have worked is that it recognizes your position as very important, significant, and as part of the whole essence of its’ existence.  Not only does C&W | PICOR care about the welfare, feelings and moral of each employee, it cares also about the community and its’ ongoing needs.   C&W | PICOR is the Best Place to Work.”
  • “The employee functions and our corporate outreach to charities and professionalism to our competitors in the real estate market.  We all enjoy working here because there isn’t unfriendly sales competition between people, and no backstabbing as it relates to attaining business. We all respect each other’s positions and each person contributes a different set of skills and talents that make the whole company work well.”
  • “I’ve worked here for 31 years so there is not much I can compare it too. The production Bar is set very high here so you are motivated and supported to produce at a very high level.”
  • “We are distinguished by our friendliness to our coworkers and how we care about everyone’s success.  We will help each other for the mutual benefit of our clients.  We have tremendous leadership and importantly such a tremendous sense of team play.”
  • “What distinguishes Cushman and Wakefield | PICOR from other places is that the people are among the best at what they do and are always willing to share their knowledge and expertise.  We band together to form the best team anywhere!  The people on the bottom are valued and treated with respect just as much as those at the top.”
  • “Caring about their employees”


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