You Lead the Commercial Real Estate Market? So What?

A short historyPICOR began quietly, as a humble Tucson commercial real estate boutique firm in 1985. Back in the day, our founder gave a sly smile when anyone would say, or imply, “who are these guys?” Never seeking to dominate the market–only to deliver service that exceeded expectations–growth happened. It happened organically. Mike Hammond, then Tucson’s top producing commercial broker, built a firm with a culture that accepted nothing less than the best, taking a charitable approach in the community, and with clients and competitors in conflict resolution. He was fond of saying, “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department,” and built the firm on ethics and reputation.

While opening our doors with four industrial brokers, by year two, PICOR launched both office brokerage and property management divisions. In short order, we rounded out our offerings and truly became full service. In 2008, PICOR connected its local roots and resources to a broader platform. Through a relationship with Cushman & Wakefield, PICOR is both locally owned and globally connected.

At some point along the early growth trajectory, PICOR became the largest by various measures:

  • Market share for listings and lease volume
  • Square feet under management
  • Production per agent
  • …and perhaps most brag-worthy, Longevity: both in the business and with our firm.

Is bigger better?

Yes. And no…First the no: Bigger might mean corporate, bureaucratic, slow to react, lost in the shuffle, impersonal or inadequate service. What about the yes? By remaining nimble and matching our people to the client need, size doesn’t matter. Where does it matter? PICOR’s market share exposes property owners to a broader base of prospects. It allows us to purchase products and services in bulk and pass through savings to building owners and occupiers. And lastly, it tells us something. We’re doing it right, and our clients, like Rockefeller Group and Starbucks, ask us to do it again.downtown tucson unisource tower office highrise

This is PICOR’s first foray into the blogosphere. We seek to provide content of value to investors and businesses in Tucson, Southern Arizona, and Sonora, Mexico, the markets we serve. Comment below and suggest future posts and topics of interest to you. We aim to please (and promise all posts won’t be so wordy).

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