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Business attraction in Tucson builds on small business success

Tucson business attraction

While perhaps not significant in numbers of new jobs by most standards, recent employer relocations to greater Tucson signal a positive trend. With 2013's positive absorption in the Tucson industrial market fueled by expansion of local, small businesses, business attraction points to our market's affordability and workforce readiness. 

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The Real Estate Market in our Neighboring State

Commercial Real Estate Sonora Mexico

You might know Mexico is a country with just over 116 million people according, to the estimate made last July.  It has 31 States and the Federal District, known as Mexico City. About a year ago, the PRI party got back in power after 12 years of the PAN party being in power. Since then, a lot of good things have happened as a country in different areas such as education, telecommunication, security, energy and more reforms that are currently under negotiation. Without going into much detail, as this article’s intent is to address more of the real estate industry, there is no doubt that Mexico is moving forward and the progress will benefit all of us in Tucson, Arizona and more broadly. 

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Global Supply Chain Services: How does Tucson fit in?

Global Supply Chain Services

In the realm of supply chain services, as with any growth-oriented product or service, constant innovation is a critical component to differentiate and create distance from the competition.

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Tucson industrial market: Back-to-back quarters of strong activity

Tucson industrial market statistics

From an economic standpoint, the State of Arizona reported significant job gains for the local market in February, with Tucson’s unemployment rate improving to 6.7% from 7.3% in January. In the past year, 3,500 more jobs were added, largely in the education, leisure/hospitality and construction sectors.

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Diagnostics: A new economic development strategy for the Tucson region

TREO Diagnostics

Guest post from Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities (TREO), on the launch of a new economic development strategy focused on the strengths of southern Arizona diagnostics.

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By road, air and sea: Tucson's future as a distribution hub

Tucson Distribution Hub

Geography, cost and a new attitude. Those three ingredients have put Tucson in the national spotlight for companies looking for markets with distribution hubs, a new report shows. Tucson is one of the least expensive cities in which to operate a distribution warehouse and its proximity to key U.S. and international markets makes it attractive to companies looking to expand or relocate, says the report by The Boyd Co. Inc. of Princeton, N.J.

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The World (or Nation) According to Elliott

Arizona Economy

We like a concise weekly snapshot of economic activity that hits both the national and regional scenes, and thought we would share Elliott Pollack & Company's latest with you. This week, Elliott Pollack & Co. weigh in on some positive national indicators and sequestration's impact on Arizona. 

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North American Industrial Market Statistics

Industrial Rent & Vacancy

From Vancouver, B.C. with the lowest tracked vacancy rate to Birmingham, Alambama with the highest, Cushman & Wakefield has compiled statistics on the North American industrial markets. Where does yours stack up against the field of primarily U.S. cities and industrial markets?

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When Will the Tide Turn for the Tucson Industrial Market?

Download MarketBeat Report

Not long ago, tsunamis and commercial real estate were part and parcel of the same discussion. While no tidal waves--positive or negative--are expected to shake the Tucson industrial market, many wish to know: After bouncing along with only incremental change, when will the tide turn?

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Commercial Real Estate and Investment in Sonora, Mexico

Sonora Mexico economy up PICOR

A recent program held by the Pima County Real Estate Research Council (PCRERC) featured speakers entrenched in commercial real estate and investment south of the Arizona-Sonora border in the state of Sonora, Mexico. Presentations opened many eyes about the opportunities for U.S. companies and individuals to locate and invest in Sonora. 

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