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May 21, 2010

Since we’ve started our new Follow Friday series, the response has been incredible. As one reader pointed out, this is more than just some simple Twitter recommendations — it’s an evolving yearbook of the amazing people we’ve been networking with in 2010. Now of course, a number of those amazing people are reading this blog right now, so remember, we’re happy to accept submissions and suggestions. Feel free to use the comments box to nominate exceptional people we haven’t mentioned yet!

With that said, let’s begin with this week’s batch of heavy hitters…

Dustin Matthews When Dustin Mathews refers to himself as an “Adventurer and Entrepreneur,” he’s not kidding. From Real Estate investing to Information Marketing, Dustin gets started with a very unusual tactic: he approaches the companies that interest him the most, and offers to work for free. As a dedicated worker and a fast learner, he’s turned this experience into expertise across a number of industries. When it comes to marketing, Dustin is constantly overflowing with innovative ideas and eager to take on new challenges. His willingness to re-invent himself and his commitment to excellence make him an easy first pick for this week’s Follow Friday. Tell him we said hello.

Dean Edleson is a tenacious professional Short Sale negotiator, and a straight-shooting, honest and helpful businessman. He’s probably best known for his blunt, expert take on the housing market, which he delivers through video blogs on his site. A tireless networker and advocate, Dean is another living example of our motto, “Always Winning, Together,” and a very important character to know. We’ve also found out that Dean got interviewed this week for an upcoming Bloomberg piece where he’s speaking out about “banks pointing fingers at investors as the ‘bad guy’ and what we do as being fraudulent.” We’re looking forward to seeing it get published…and remember, you heard it here first.

Barbara Reuter is an awesomely authentic human on Twitter — honest, open to different perspectives and very engaging. She’s also a world class real estate expert, currently the Chief Operator Officer of PICOR, where she’s been paying dues since 1985. Her resume is ridiculous, but what really makes Barbara worth your time is her personality. She’s funny, friendly, and has a super-human knack for fitting a couple paragraphs worth of knowledge into just under 140 characters, pretty much every day. Just in case you needed one more reason to convince you: She’s also a great news filter.

Joshua Dorkin is the founder and CEO of BiggerPockets, which has always been the biggest and best REI forum on the net. Through his time at Bigger Pockets, he’s built a reputation as a professional’s professional: even-handed, clearly spoken, and always working. As if building a huge, thriving online community of Real Estate investors wasn’t enough, Dorkin has been expanding into successful new ventures. Over the past year, Bigger Pockets has been evolving into an increasingly outstanding blog as well, featuring some of the best-written material I’ve read in recent months. As he puts it, “We’ve been very focused on ensuring quality and I think we’re making it happen!” Couldn’t agree more. If you’re not already paying attention to this guy’s work, today is the best time to fix that…

Nathan Jurewicz A lot of RealtyInfusion readers are already familiar with Jurewicz, aka the Short Sale Kid. If you didn’t already know, Jurewciz is easily the most entertaining marketer in the Real Estate Investment world. His self-depreciating sense of humor and non-stop flood of goofy but catchy viral videos has catapulted him to center stage. He’s also gaining a reputation as a great speaker…as well as spooking various Vegas casinos with his Rain Man style talent for Blackjack. Anyone involved in REI should be paying attention to Jurewicz — he’s young, almost too smart, and clearly going places. (Having the most interesting hair in the business doesn’t hurt, either.)

And Remember…

We are happy to consider any reader submissions and recommendations. Is there someone you know who should be spotlighted here next week? LET US KNOW!!

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