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Mid-Year Multifamily Outlook

Van Buren Apartments Tucson

Operating fundamentals took their usual second quarter dip with students, seasonal visitors and seasonal employees departing for the summer. Market occupancy dropped 285 units which is on the light side of typical for Tucson. During the past 12 months, total occupied units continued climbing upward, increasing 995 units over Q2 2011 and gaining 2,245 units since Q2 2010. 

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Signs of Life in the Office Market

Tucson Office Market Statistics

Tucson’s office market remains stable, yet far from dynamic, due in large part to limited job creation. In addition, health care uncertainty (preceding the Supreme Court decision) and the impending presidential and congressional elections have contributed to a cautious business climate. Some meaningful growth continues in Tucson’s health care sector, with economies of scale, more favorable locations, and proximity to health care centers fostering movement.

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Redefining Relevance for Brick and Mortar Retail Stores

Michael Lagazo Commercial Real Estate Retail PICOR

Evolving consumer expectations, ubiquitous connectivity, and the growing adoption of mobile technologies are rapidly transforming the retail environment. The retail store once held the position as the primary and most tangible means for a customer to encounter a brand and remains the principal channel for the merchant and shoppers to connect. Stores have since become only one component of a broader, more interconnected shopping experience. Retailers need a strategy beyond becoming a destination in order to attract the loyalty and a larger share of the consumer wallet. 

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Women in Commercial Real Estate: High Time We Bridged the Gap

Women bridging the gap

The fur is flying anew, and with good reason. Continued research shows that despite decades of good intentions and diversity efforts, women in commercial real estate (and more broadly in business) have not achieved equal access to C-suite positions or equal pay for equal work. 

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